Sexual Orientation and Children

When it comes to sexual orientation and acceptance in the UK, many adults find it difficult to balance social, school and work acceptance. Although many people say they are understanding and tolerant of others, regardless of sexual orientation, the fact remains that people who are gay in London do face many obstacles. This is certainly true as it applies to children and teens. Here are some important aspects to consider when providing support for this younger group of people.

Most young people know that they are gay, bisexual, or lesbian from an early age. Studies show that they begin to question their own sexuality far before puberty. What usually occurs is that a large amount of teens do not tell anyone about their sexual orientation until they are much older. Fear of being treated differently, and the general perceptions in the UK about the LGBT community, is the reason for this. As a result, there is a gap of time in which younger people experience issues like depression, isolation, and lower self esteem.

Thankfully, key legislative changes have helped gay people in many different aspects of their lives. These areas include work, sport, school, health, and daily living activities. Essentially, this legislation is designed to help people within the gay and lesbian communities to enjoy life in the same ways that every other citizen enjoys it. Although new laws are designed to help, many people still hold grudges toward others. Changes to laws means that younger people can be better protected from discriminatory attitudes.

Providing support for children and teens in the gay community involves the use of services to improve their outcomes. A safe environment is essential for all people, whether that environment is primarily at home, work or school. Access to information is a big piece of the Puzzle. Information enables young people to have the tools necessary to better cope with their feelings, as well as the feelings of their peers and family members. Homophobia is defeated when everyone has access to real information. Making a difference in others' lives is extremely gratifying.