Helping Gay Teens Find Resources

London-area teens face many pressures as they grow up in a highly competitive and challenging world. Teenagers are susceptible to a variety of temptations, such as sex, alcohol, and drugs. All of these factors can cause life-changing events in a teen's life. However, many people do not realise that a very natural occurrence, being gay, can cause more strife for young people than perhaps any other factors. Social acceptance, pre-conceived notions, and the ways in which kids are raised, all play a part in the lives of teens who identify with being gay.

Although many teenage students are much more accepting of the LGBT communities, others are not. Peer pressure plays a huge role within the discussion. Some students at schools, for example, might have nothing against a person who is gay. Unfortunately, the culture and environment of that specific school might have a greater impact on that student's views than he or she originally thought. In order to be "cool," you must fit in, and this leads to bullying-type behaviours at times. Soon enough, some students start to use gay slurs and other derogatory words just because others are doing it. It's important to foster a transition away from this mode of thinking.

This leads to an open discussion on real change. When teens are empowered to speak up against discrimination, then there can be a real culture change for the better. Once it is no longer cool to put other people down, then the vicious cycle will begin to fade away. Parents have a role in this process, and they need to start teaching good values at home in order to achieve the very best results.

Hormones and peer pressure play huge roles for gay student success in London. This is why resources explaining how the mind works are so important. Often, there are other issues to contend with during the teenage years, aside from simply being gay. Hormones change the ways in which a person thinks about the problems that they face every day. Other life pressures, like drugs and alcohol, negatively impact a teen's desire to come out to the ones that they love and respect. Sometimes, help with stopping drugs and alcohol takes priority over dealing with one's own sexuality.

School guidance counsel roles have changed over the years as well in the UK. The simple issues of the past, such as finishing homework and parent issues, are just the tip of the iceberg. It is incredibly important for school workers to become equipped to handle the challenges that gay students face consistently. When these students feel safe within their schools, then they can thrive and be exactly who they were meant to be.