A little suck and fuck before take off


Sometimes it can get very stressful in the air. That's why these two are calming each other down. Not only that, but you never know if you're going to get back on the ground again. That's another reason to get off before you take off.


This is a high risk mission


Not the flying. These two have flown many hours in their day. The sucking and fucking without getting caught. That is the dangerous mission! If someone were to catch them, they wouldn't be flying in the military any longer. They need to get their groove on before anyone noticed what's going on.


Outdoor blowjob leads to indoor anal


All of this started out as a relaxing afternoon in the yard. Two boys, sitting around enjoying the day. Then, one gets the great idea to suck cock. As you can see, that leads to a whole lot more. That probably was what this cock sucker was hoping for. Then, the shit hits the fan. They go inside and the real fun begins. Watch as these two turn up the heat and get really nasty. Which boy do you think is the cutest? Nothing is more cute than seeing a young boy getting his asshole exploited.


Great looking boy masturbating


Lick your chops. Don't adjust your monitor. You're really seeing a cute boy masturbating. You might even shoot your load before the video begins playing. Son of a bitch, this boy is damn good looking. He's well built and very athletic. It makes you wonder what turns a boy like this on? A bottle of booze would probably do the trick. He looks to wholesome to be the drinking type. You never know though. Whatever it takes it get into a boy like this pants, is well worth trying!


Stroking it outside


Imagine what the neighbors thought if they saw him masturbating? There were probably a lot of horny old men using their telescopes. In more ways than one! What can be said about a boy like this? He's well kept and well hung. You're going to have to watch these movies. Enjoy every stroke, just like he is. He's going to blow your mind after he blows his load. What would we do without cute boys like this one? Probably go insane!

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