Up to nothing but no good


We ran a little experiment. We paid all these boys some money and told them they would be in a porn flick. We sat them down and let them watch television. We never told them to start fucking. In fact, we gave them no instructions other than to kick back and relax. When the cameraman came in, that's when the action took off. They weren't told to do anything, but they still went at it. Imagine what would have happened if we actually told them what to do?! By the looks of things, they don't need anyone to tell them what to do.


Brand new navy recruit


He's a little nervous. Most of us would be in these uncertain times. He just signed up to serve in the navy. He's a brave boy, but he's also very scared. He has a right to be scared. Anyone joining the service at this point in history should be. If he wasn't, he probably should be put in a mental hospital. He's upset, but he knows how to calm himself down. By jerking off his fabulous cock. He strokes it like he's really needing to bust a nut. He might just be horny from being around all those boys. No need to judge why he's jerking off so madly. All we can do is enjoy every minute of it.

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