Twink and his dog


This twink was a little shy at first. He asked if he could bring his dog on the set. Even though the dog looks weird in this scene, look at the cock and balls and you'll forget about the animal.


Lots of hardcore


If you love hardcore twink action, this one is for you! Watch as they get really fucking dirty. Make sure you catch a glimpse of the cumshot dribbling down his hand.


Hiding from their boyfriends


This is what happens when you have two boys that don't get enough sex. If you're dating a younger man, pay close attention. What you're seeing here is two boys that have strong sexual desires. If you don't give it to them, they are going to get it some how. They were both at a party. Drinking and having a good time by the pool. When, they began flirting. Of course we had our cameras rolling the whole time. We don't throw these parties for nothing! They had to make sure they wouldn't get caught. Though, no doubt their boyfriends know about what happened now. Young boys that are looking for nothing more than a little action.


Drinking some beer


There is nothing more fun than having a friend over for a few beers. After those few beers, these two really go at it. Watch as they jerk each other's stiff rods.


Twink stunned by cock


He's never seen a cock this big before. Just look at the expression on his face. It is hard to believe we actually got to film something like this.

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