Lance and Barry go wild


If these boys do this in a public format... Imagine the dirty stuff they do in private! These two are a feast for the eyes. Very clean cut well kept boys. both of them with very fit athletic type bodies. With asses that are as hungry for cock and they are nice. The last scene ends with a great cumshot all over a very nice ass. That's a sign of success. To fuck a guy to total completion. Those of you that are in the know, know what that means. Whatever it takes to keep our boys happy. That's our slogan.


Well built hunk Juan strips and strokes himself


This short trimmed hottie is sitting in a lounge when he gets the urge to masturbate. He quickly pulls his clothes off begins working his cock, stroking it hard and cumming in his hands.


Country boys learn about city life


Before going to college, these two boys lived in the country. After high school, they decided to move to the big city to go to college. They both come from cities far away from each other. Through fate, they met each other. These two boys actually came to us. They met in the cafeteria at their college. The blond boy was probably licking a lollipop trying to lure boys. We have no idea how they met each other. We're just glad they did. These two made a very good video for us. For us to let you enjoy!


Tattooed army boy stroking his tasty cock


Look at what we have here. A cute boy that's fresh into the military. He's still wet behind his ears. But, we won't hold that against him. We all were like that at one time. All we can do is enjoy this boy jerking himself off. To total and complete satisfaction. He worked his cock until it sent waves of pleasure throughout his body. Watch the videos and see for yourself. You can jerk off while he's doing the very same thing!


Up to nothing but no good


We ran a little experiment. We paid all these boys some money and told them they would be in a porn flick. We sat them down and let them watch television. We never told them to start fucking. In fact, we gave them no instructions other than to kick back and relax. When the cameraman came in, that's when the action took off. They weren't told to do anything, but they still went at it. Imagine what would have happened if we actually told them what to do?! By the looks of things, they don't need anyone to tell them what to do.

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